Bank Story

A group of locals wanted to build a bank for Lebanon and Laclede County. They wanted to build your bank. Together, we succeeded.

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Early in 2002 a group of local businesspeople began discussing the possibility of opening an independent community bank. Knowing they'd be investing their own hard-earned dollars to provide capital strength for this bank, these people made up their minds that "their" bank would not be opened for the purpose of quickly building market share and then selling to the highest bidder. Rather, "their" bank would remain locally owned to serve Lebanon and Laclede County; would gather local deposits by offering above average interest rates; then, loan those dollars to local borrowers who would further improve the Lebanon and Laclede County area through their own labor and investments.

"Their" bank would be owned and managed by people with strong ties to this community, who lived and worked in this community, who held the values that made the Lebanon and Laclede County area vibrant and strong. "Their" bank would be named Heritage Bank of the Ozarks to reflect their local heritage, and the character and commitment important to the shareholders, directors, officers, and staff members who would serve its customers for the present and for years to come.

On September 22, 2003, a strong team of dedicated local bankers opened the doors of Heritage Bank of the Ozarks to implement the plans and ideals of that original group of visionaries.

On November 19, 2013, the team expanded, opening a branch in Camdenton to implement the same ideals in Camden County and the surrounding lake area.

"Their" bank is now your bank...Heritage Bank of the Ozarks.